Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fama Nobel En Espanol

Pedro Cervera kindly translated my short piece on Gene Fama's Nobel prize, which will appear in "Estrategia Financiera" next month:

Eugene Fama: Mercados eficientes, primas de riesgo y el premio Nobel.

En 1970, Gene Fama definió que un mercado era “informacionalmente eficiente” si los precios incorporaban en cada momento la información disponible relativa a los valores futuros.
“Un mercado en el que los precios reflejan la totalidad de la información existente es denominado eficiente “[Fama, 1970]. 

para el resto, haga clic aquí para un pdf

For the rest go here for a pdf (I don't speak Spanish and gave up trying to get accents right in blogger!)

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  1. Professor, you can make the "ñ" (and Ñ), by using its ascii code.
    If you press ALT (and keep it pressed) and on the numerical pad you type 164, you get ñ.
    If you press ALT (and keep depressed) and type 165, you get Ñ.
    You see, with this, it's your first step to be proficient in Español.... :-)


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