Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bloomberg TV on debt and magic

I did a short interview on Bloomberg TV this morning. Nothing new for readers of this blog, but fun anyway. Coffee just starting to kick in at 6:15 AM. As always, walking home I figured out 10 better ways to answer.


  1. You left off growing the economy as one way to solve the deficit/debt issue.

  2. I believe that if you started these types of answers to the debt problem with the net present value of our unfunded liabilities for all of our whacky promises that the IMF has estimated to be over $200 T with the addition of Obamacare to bring it well in excess of $225 T, then you have the attention and leverage. One has a problem with the premise of most questioneres and their Keynesian based questions as ithey set the premise which is blatanly false. So to seize the high ground, go to the real problem of our hidden debt being that of unfunded liabilities to the level that we cannot grow, tax,or inflate our way to solvency. This would give you the true premise and easier answers to resolve the issues put forth by the questioners. Most stumble over accepting a false premisr to argue. RLS


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