Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bad Hair Day

A short interview by Betty Liu on Bloomberg TV: (if that doesn't work a link). The ECB's big bond buying program, how "sterilizing" won't solve everything, and discussion of the WSJ Oped on the future of the Fed


  1. I am confused by your Oped and the recent post re Jackson Hole. On one hand you beleive the Fed is not the solution yet champion the notion the Fed can induce the jolt the economy needs using psychological game theory and a two factor PCA model.

    Deep down you must beleive both fiscal and monetary policy are to blame for this. And following this logic means we need less of both.

  2. I am a fan of the Cochrane-Liu interviews. I think she asks relevant questions. More importantly, I like that she lets you work through your arguments and explain your positions.

    Always great to get your perspective, sir. Thank you for doing these interviews.

  3. Professor-- I'd be less concerned about a bad hair day and MUCH more concerned about MY ability to stay focused on economics when being interviewed by Betty Liu. She is sooooooooooo gorgeous (I would say 'hot' but I'm a gentleman).

    1. Yeah she is pretty hawt. But you have to give it to her. She also conducts a solid interview. I like that she raises the kinds of questions that the "markets are irrational" camp would raise, and then gives the professor room to respond.

      This one was fun:

  4. tbft he is having a bad hair day but i think he did well

  5. They're hoping that the crisis will pass and things will be rosy so they can get away with it.


    This is very reminiscent of the 2002 WorldCom collapse when it was discovered that WorldCom was capitalizing expenses (i.e. pretending they have positive income) hoping that the economy will improve and that they will actually have positive income and this fraudulent activity will never be discovered.

    I'm not cheered by this.

    (btw, you don't look like a very grumpy economist. You don't look grumpy at all, in fact. Your hair was just making a very feeble attempt to live up to your blog name by arranging some of itself ever so slightly out of place.)


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