Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bubble Busters

The latest profession to be displaced by technology: Liberal pundit. 

Bubble Busters

Bubble Busters™ the App is a one-of-a-kind toolbox for progressives that provides fingertip access to numerous stats, graphs, talking points, quotes, analogies, and more to use with far-right conservatives when discussing topics ranging from health care reform to gun control to income inequality. It's everything a progressive would want all in one convenient place. Whether you are a policy expert looking for new ideas or a novice looking to understand the issues better - this is app a must have!

Created by progressives for progressives, Bubble Busters™ the App includes:

● An in-depth look at these political issues*:

- Climate Change
- Death Penalty
- Gun Control
- Health Care Reform
- Income Inequality
- Legalizing Marijuana
- Marriage Equality
- Military Spending

* More issues will be added to this app over time.

● Each political issue contains these sections:

“Common Progressive View”: Potential discussion points to use with conservatives about the issue that aim to better resonate with them + links to learn more about the issue from other progressives.

“Common Conservative View”: Potential discussion points about the issue you may hear coming from conservatives + links to learn more about the issue from conservatives themselves.

“Facts and Stats”: A series of facts, stats and graphs (cited w/ links) about the issue with suggestions for how to best use them with conservatives.

“What's in it for them?”: A list of ways in which a conservative may personally benefit should the issue go the progressives' way long-term.

“Quotes from Conservatives”: Quotes from conservatives that support the progressive view on the issue (e.g. quotes from Ronald Reagan in support of gun control).

“Relatable Analogies”: Analogies/stories that explain the progressive view and aim to resonate with conservatives, using topics like sports and raising children.

“Potential Concessions”: Points about the issue that a conservative may use that may be true but don't necessarily change many progressives’ view - and why.


The jokes just write themselves. (Maybe let's have a little contest in the comments!)

"Bubble busters: Paul Krugman edition..."  If I were running, say the Colbert show, having a debate with "bubble buster" would be hilarious. Sort of like those artificial intelligence programs that mimick a psychiatrist: ".. so tell me how that made you feel?'' 

Too bad "common libertarian view" isn't on there. But libertarians being generally better diffused among good programmers, I hope that one will be out soon. On the other hand, it's a job I would hate to see taken over by machines!


  1. I am reminded of the World Book Encyclopedia salesmen that went door-to-door in my youth. "You must have this or your offspring will be left behind." Right!

    What the world really needs is A Dummy's Guide to Dummies.

  2. At $1.99 a pop aimed at a gullible target audience I'm a little jealous I didn't invent it first!

  3. I'm a little annoyed at the inconsistency of offering it at $1.99 to everyone. Where's the progressively?

  4. There is no "common libertarian" view.

    Further, since no one in their right minds wants to engage with a libertarian (you would be better advised to engage with Hare Krishnas and Jehovah's Witnesses) there is no market for an App to help one engage with libertarians.

    1. I think you misread his comment. You got it backwards, in fact.

      Who would have thought a person who quickly intimates their superiority and rushes to insult libertarians would demonstrate a lack of basic comprehension and attention to facts?

  5. maybe in the future we can vote for I-phone apps instead of politicians ; )

  6. What a great application. Thinking is the hardest thing one will ever do and this ap replaces thought. There should be a significant market for that product.

  7. Look, an actual study with actual numbers! You guys should try it!!

  8. Talking Points on Demand, the App for the Thinking Man... no, wait...

  9. The jokes just write themselves.


  10. See what happens when you raise the minimum wage?

  11. >"At $1.99 a pop aimed at a gullible target audience I'm a little jealous I didn't invent it first!"

    So, what's keeping you from developing the Cold Hard Facts app as a counter?

  12. I know what conservative is but what the hell is progressive. I have yet to find that answer and the app itself could not tell me. It only takes subjective positioning without a premise.


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