Monday, July 22, 2019

Everything is f***d

The most hilarious course syllabus I've seen in a while, from Professor Sanjay Srivastava at the University of Oregon.



The point is serious,  going well beyond the replication problem. Meta-analyses just repeat the same mistakes a hundred times.

"Office hours: Held on Twitter at your convenience." I love it.


  1. A great chuckle. The positive is at least it is fucked and not FUBAR.

  2. unfortunately, this is largely true for economics/finance too. It would probably help to recognize it more openly!

  3. per the substance of the concise arguments presented, I agree.

    As for the use of the phrase "is fucked".... oh well. Do secular folks understand non-secular folks? No. Are those of a more conservative bent owed a little bit of respect?

    No, we deliberately avoid respecting American natives (e.g., the DeBoldt decision). Semitic peoples living under a half century occupation in what is left of the modern Palestinian mandate do not deserve respect.

    Even this notion of the importance of secure, well defined property rights does not even get respect from North American economists who always seem to find a sectarian, ethnic or racial exception to that rule.

    "Respect" is a common term used by BC First Nations. But as culturally inferior people, do they deserve respect?

    If folks of a conservative bent are "not cool", do they deserve respect?

    1. It's really true! ("Respect" is a common term used by BC First Nations. But as culturally inferior people, do they deserve respect?)

  4. I think it's time to reprise your cross-subsidy post.

  5. Prof,
    I see nobody commented on this.
    Maybe you *did* succeed to shame our profession a bit.. :-) :-)
    What you say on meta-analyses is so true.

  6. Funny stuff. When I was a grad student at GSB, a stats professor, whose name shall remain anonymous,often held "office hours" at Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap. Occasionally, Jeff Metcalf, then Dean of Students, would grace us with his presence.


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