Thursday, August 12, 2021

Goodfellows returns


The goodfellows video and podcast returns! Direct link, in case the above embed doesn't work for you. 

This week's show is about covid and Afghanistan -- America gives up. 

One reason I love doing this show is that I get to ask questions about things like Afghanistan, military history, what is the nature of military defeat, and so on that I don't know much about, but Niall and H.R. know a lot about! There is little in life I enjoy so much as spouting off a hare-brained opinion and then someone really knowledgeable like Niall and H.R. swats it down and turns me around. 

Don't miss Niall and H.R. starting at 56:45. I wish I were this eloquent, and I'm proud of my fellow panelists for their deeply knowledgeable empathy. 


  1. Excellent discussion. I can’t believe I agree with all that HR says. Niall and John are excellent too. Thanks John. HR is like LBJ here, dishing out numerous assists and making all his teammates better.

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  3. Nial's counterfactual on a world without COVID vaccines at 30:00 is a very good point. His and H.R.'s points on Afghanistan are prescient, but also deeply poignant.
    Well worth an hour to listen, regardless of one's political views.

  4. Can you please interview Jordan Peterson or Yeonmi Park? They are amazing!

  5. Good fellows is a new find for this Brit. Fantastic output. Love the stick John gets for invariably jummping in asking the questions Thanks.


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