Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Email feed restored

A while ago, Google turned off the ability to receive the Grumpy Economist, and all the other blogger blogs, by email. I have now figured out how to restore it. I moved over to If the import of the old email feed worked as it is supposed to, you're receiving this in your email once again. If not, you can click on the huge button to the right to get Grumpy by email. (I'll figure out how to make that prettier sooner or later.) I also announce each new blog post on twitter, and if you prefer that you can click the twitter link to follow me there. encourages me to pass along all the "great additional features" you can use, here. You can now "define filters and more delivery channels, e.g... receive your news via Telegram, news page etc. (many others to follow soon)."

Thanks to several devoted readers who wrote to complain, nudging me to figure this out. If it still doesn't work, either comment here or email me directly. 

If I link "Feedburner alternative" and "Feedburner replacement" to,  they give me a $10 USD credit. Done!  

More substance on the way soon! 


You will receive an email that looks like this. It invites you to click a link. This is a legitimate email. 


  1. Meanwhile, the RSS feed has thankfully been working.

  2. John, why don't you move the blog to self hosted website. is not a Tld (top level domain). It would be hard for your content to rank on Google so more people won't see it.

  3. It doesn't surprise me that Google would turn off a feature. I was a heavy user of their RSS reader and when they turned it off, I've since made it a point not to count of any Google services. Except Search. I moved to Feedbin for RSS reading which is awesome.

  4. Thank you John. Was wondering what was going on and looking forward to continuing receipt of your Grumpy blogs. DBW GSB XP 54.


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