Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Healthcare tidbits

Tidbits that came in following my WSJ oped last week

1. I heard from a lot of people in the burgeoning market for cash only transparent service. Maybe the internet will undercut the current non-competitive system! Some nice links:

http://selfpaypatient.com/ A blog devoted to self-pay patients and doctors.The first post is cool -- why passing laws to force price transparency won't work.

http://www.amazon.com/The-Self-Pay-Patient-Affordable-Healthcare-ebook/dp/B00HBUPLFG/ The e book. Haven't read, looks interesting.

http://surgerycenterofoklahoma.tumblr.com/ Dr. Keith Smith, of Surgery Center of Oklahoma, who I wrote about last week, has a nice tumblr.

 www.regencyhealthnyc.com.  An interesting direct cash pay pricing surgical clinic

2. The "last embassy" blog points out a curious feature of Obamacare: you need a credit card or bank account -- plus internet connection -- to sign up. That's a bit of a problem for poor uninsured people supposedly the beneficiaries of this system. I do sense a bit of a disconnect between the people who designed Obamacare, and the intended beneficiaries -- who don't have a computer, high speed broadband, strong internet skills, credit card and bank account, and who shop (like all of us) by word of mouth. ("They have no computers? Let them use their ipads" a modern Marie Antoinette might say)

3. Cato's Michael Cannon produced an extraordinary comprehensive listing of Adminstration executive orders on Obamacare. I salute Michael's patience to slog through this. Get to the excellent last two paragraphs.

4. Media. I did a few interviews following the WSJ oped


CNBC's Kudlow report

Not very enlightening, really.

5. Hilarious tidbit. I know, it's hard to clean up websites.



  1. Item 2 is most humorous. It seems that the Administration takes seriously the argument that laws requiring voters to present a picture id card are discriminatory because some groups of citizens may not have the wherewithal to purchase a card from the DMV. Liberals have also expressed concern that their clients are not able to afford checking accounts and telephones.

    So what do liberals do when they design a system to subsidize their clients purchase of health insurance, assume they have all the stuff that liberals have posited that they don't have for years.

    File this one under hoist by their own petard.

  2. Thanks for the link to Regency. They are even more hideously overpriced than SCO. The motto for these places should be "We gouge you transparently".


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