Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Making fun of people's names?

Paul Krugman is now reduced to making fun of my name.
I was alerted to the fact that we were living in a Dark Age of macroeconomics when the same cockroach put in an appearance at the University of Chicago.
Oh how clever. I haven't heard that one since about, hmm, first grade, circa 1965. (Follow the link if you're not sure who he's talking about.)

Paul continues
Now, some people get all upset by this terminology. Why can’t I be serious and respectful? Well, the answer is that we’re not having a serious conversation
No, the royal "we" are not.

I suppose I should read this as a welcome sign of desperation; that Krugman, having run out of ideas, and unwilling to read the interesting "serious conversation" regarding stimulus that the rest of us are having in the academic literature (say, my own recent modest contribution), is reduced to endlessly flogging the old "Say's law" calumny and now this.

Here are Krugman's similarly profound thoughts about Narayana Kocherlakota's name.

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