Thursday, June 14, 2018

Different Planets

A friend, who reads an unusually diverse set of sources, passed on some interesting pictures suggesting that our media live on different planets.

On the Trump-Kim summit

On the investigations:


  1. I like this post, yet I think the real problem is there is far too much consensus in the media as to what is an issue or how to frame that issue.

  2. One of these sources is not a real news outlet...

    1. I know CNN has had a lot of problems with fake news but it is a bit extreme to say they are not a real news outlet.

  3. Excellent point!

    Maybe not two plants but rather two visions. The visions are well explained in three books by Thomas Sowell: "The Vision of the Anointed", "A Conflict of Visions" and "Intellectuals and Society".

  4. NEITHER of these sources is a real news outlet.

  5. Both of those "news outlets" I trust only to abuse my trust. To say it another way it is my expectation that they will abuse my trust. Or, again, that it is their business to abuse the trust of their audience by peddling disinformation. Therefore I pay no attention to either of them except to be concerned about their effects on the health and well being of my friends who do pay attention and even trust them.

  6. Interesting!

  7. Comey was guilty of misconduct and probably handed the Presidency to Trump.

    Obviously wildly different perspectives on the outcome of the North Korean summit. Trump could dispel a lot of that difference by the simple expedient of releasing a copy of an agreement signed by him and Kim.

  8. I consider the defining element of the "Enlightenment" to be a belief that objective truth/reality exists and we should strive for it.

    At least half of America has abandoned that principle.

  9. I write this as a retired journalist who practiced the craft at a time when most news organizations, editors and reporters were devoted to accuracy and took the necessary time to verify information before publication. That devotion and commitment prevail is seen in a minority of new media today.

    The observations John Cochrane shared about how different media frame their stories are not news. Most of us have witnessed this unfortunate decline by many news organizations that once were respected sources of information. They no long are and that means those of us who are interested in seeking the truth have to spend much more time looking for it. As the speed of news and information today has increased, the level of accurate, fair and balanced reporting has declined.

  10. Yes, they say different things. As an academic you're supposed to be curious which one is more accurate. One of the problems with modern reporting is that reporters so often just do "he said, she said" without trying to find resolution.

    I have my own views -- CNN is far more accurate than FOX -- and I'm curious about yours.

    -- Jonathan Goodman, math professor, NYU

  11. I agree. I would also add there is only one planet. Either JC is naïve (I don’t think so), and thinks Fox news is trying to cover the new in a fair and balanced way, or JC has some other motivation (I’m not trying to guess) and is trying to display both networks as engaging in the same thing. JC knows what the talking heads at Fox “report” --especially in the evening -- and that is fine if JC likes it, but JC doesn't have to insult his readers’ intelligence. His blog is great, especially when he is not posting this kind of stuff.


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