Thursday, March 12, 2020

Area 45 pandemic podcast

For you podcast fans, here is a longer podcast with Hoover's Bill Whalen on economics and the pandemic. It clarifies some of my evolving thoughts -- more lending, less bailout.

The pandemic is quickly threatening to turn in to a financial crisis. I'm brooding on that for upcoming posts.

If you're not worried yet, read here


  1. Prof. Cochrane,

    You might want to remove that medium link because the author is not an epidemiologist (he's a VP of a small tech company) and most of his medium articles are about writing funny stories, jobs in tech, and star wars. Additionally, his data sourcing for e.g. Chart 7 is dubious, and that's just one issue among many.

    No need to publish this comment.

    1. We don't punish people for who they are, but for what they do, or in science for what they say or write. Please do point out problems with the content of the link in addition to the source for one one chart.

  2. This is the best podcast. Ever! (though i wanted to post same for the shorter podcast as well)

  3. Thank you for your recent podcasts. I really enjoy your insight.


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